The Chilterns is a great venue for trail running, it's gently rolling terrain is covered by a superb network of paths with generally very good conditions underfoot. Whilst the scenery is never spectacular there are plenty of great vistas, quaint villages, stunning woodland and the skies are full of the aerobatic red kites which have thrived in recent years. 

chilterns trail running

Whilst some sections of bridleway can be muddy after prolonged bad weather, the quickly draining chalk generally gives excellent surface to run on. The paths in the beech woods (that were once a source of timber for the now long gone furniture industry in High Widcombe) give a superb springy surface cushioned with beech nuts! 

Beware in late summer the nettles can leave your legs tingling at the end of the day. You may wish to take some long socks or calf guards to protect yourself. 

When planning a route check out the many good cafes that are available! 

You will often run for many miles without seeing another person. In some areas you are more likely to come across the fallow deer that will be startled by you and dart across your path. 

chilterns trail running

chilterns trail running

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